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Ok so change god Uranus has been flirting with your sign for a while now; and you have presumably been feeling a restless, hungry yearning …for something different…but not quite sure what to do about it just yet?

Oh yes, your premonitions of a game changing new chapter are real –and Uranus busting into your sign from early March sets the pace/reveals a clue about how the next several years of glorious, liberating personal growth, unexpected opportunities & new horizons are likely to play out for you. Meanwhile, Mars on Uranus then into your sign mid Feb fires up your most positive, future oriented lust for life perfectly. Get out there and seize the day, every day and ride the wild ride of a swiftly evolving, fully embraced life? It’s your new normal, baby!

And the New Moon of the 5th in your biz sector is as good a place to start as any. It’s a sharp new perspective on what success means for you right now and how to get it; with a kind of visionary pragmatism that suits you -being the sign most inclined to pull your desires into the real world with zero self doubt and gloriously, unapologetically materialistic magical manifestations skills. In other words you don’t dither around day dreaming, you make stuff happen in order to live it with maximum satisfaction. And one of the things you value right now is wealth, and with lucky Jupiter in your money sector why not? Your asset right now is big, brazen confidence in all your financial negotiations, which you so know how to leverage advantageously. But ok, there is also the teensy temptation of compulsive overspending/dumb debt so you might want to watch that, right?

And Jupiter is also opening up your love life with a lovely, positive, romantically generous approach to sexual and emotional intimacy. Especially with Venus in your adventure sector this month; you are so willing to turn up to any relationship or seduction scenario with the real authenticity and great big open heart that leads to thrilling sex, ground breaking connection/candid conversations, big love -whatever you’re looking for right now to rock your world.

And the Full Moon of the 20th is a gorgeous chance to have a good time with whatever turns you on –romance, creative expression, playful fun with family & friends…its such a nice time to enjoy the simple things in life that really matter, huh?

Image: Donna Karan

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