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Venus into your social sector from the 4th is a fresh, sparkly charisma and show-pony confidence, which is nice. Especially if you have some beautiful friendships to love up, advantageous social networking to hustle or brilliant talent you want to get out there just for the thrill of creative expression? So it’s a fab time to get amongst it and shine your gorgeous light in the world…

And also a nice counterpoint to the New Moon of the 5th in your soul sector –a call to step back, look within for a moment and reflect on the quality of your relationship with self. A bit of regenerative solo time to commune with your muse/creative inspo/align with your spiritual calling could be just the thing; to help you turn up in the world for the rest of the month with maximum personal integrity and authenticity right?

Then you might be relieved to know that after 7 years of shaking up your earning paradigm (which has been brilliantly liberating and all, but also necessitated dealing with a wildly inconsistent income?) –Uranus is finally getting ready to depart your money sector from early March. Thank goodness, and maybe the finances will soon settle down a bit. But first, Mars/Uranus mid Feb could bring a sudden opportunity to leverage a cool scheme you’ve been working on all this time- and the motivation to take a particularly bold chance on doing something truly fulfilling for a living?

Especially with the wounded healer Chiron out of your sign by March –where you get to make sense of whatever personal growth you’ve been struggling with recently and the valuable self awareness that you’ve gained along the way; again the better to choose whatever life/earning plan is going to finance the fun, fulfilling lifestyle that truly fills your cup for the coming chapter. So good!

Yes, and to the extent Feb is all about aligning yourself with your most authentic soul path; you are ready to bring your most emotionally honest, authentic attitude to the Full Moon of the 20th in your love sector. Your best romantic connections here are based on a clear meeting of minds to turn one another on. If you’re in love/falling love/crushing on someone you connect best with sexy, cerebral stimulation re shared ideas, mutual values and flirty repartee to tease out the potential between you…

Image: Antonio Mora

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