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The Aqua New Moon of the 5th is a great time to pull yourself together; in the sense of aligning your spiritual imperatives and values with a practical income/financial plan that supports your expansive, positive personal growth long term.

Although ‘practical’ may be be too strong a word for your financial situation here, lol. I mean with Neptune involved the danger is totally flaky/hare brained thinking, dodgy schemes or slinking around tryna swindle some stoopid scenario? So best choose the high road with Neptune -finely tuned instincts that you actually listen to & manifesting your most idealistic dreams with genuine clarity?

So ok, there’s a fine line between the sublime genius and ridiculous for you this month –ha; but of course you are the sign most likely to straddle this with incandescent, innovative alacrity and nail it. And thank goodness for Saturn involved here; to keep your shizz together and walk your talk with consistent, solid integrity and sense of purpose –well done you.

Also because mid month Mars triggers your ruling planet, Uranus, completing several years of liberating your attitude big time. So what a great opportunity to take stock of any wildly inspiring ideas about your full potential in the world that you’ve been cultivating for ages; and act accordingly with high end confidence? I mean if not now…when?

Then Mars into your home sector from the 15th is a cool clue about what you really want out of your domestic/family scenario, to energise your personal life most effectively. And the sooner you get your head around this the better! Because from May onwards Uranus is gonna shake all this up, with the most restless wanderlust & crazy inspired new versions of your ideal home-base/personal relationships; and you want to be ready to know what you plan do about that, huh?

And then the Full Moon of the 20th is in your sex/intimacy sector, and trine all this Mars/Uranus action for a bit of potential game changing passion in your love life. It’s all about ardent, direct pursuit of whoever you’re with or into right now-its kind of like if you feel it -why not own it/say it/seduce it/commit to it or whatever floats your current romantic boat –if it matters enough huh?

Image: via Vimeo, unable to find original source for this image.

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