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Capricorn New Moon coming up, exact 11.28am Jan 6th AEDT, and its a partial Solar Eclipse to really get our attention!

New Moons are always a clear, fresh perspective on our emotional state and intentions for the coming month, and of course extra potent just as we finesse our new year resolutions for 2019. And in Capricorn we don't muck around; we keep it real with determined, pragmatic plans that are actually going to serve us in the real world as much as possible.

Especially with Capricorn ruler Saturn involved we are taking a fearless emotional inventory; to check out the veracity of whatever is motivating us right now and reality check our plans/desires/habitual behaviour big time. Which is great for ditching any defunct attachments or naff goals so much more swiftly and effectively than usual. The better to focus clean new intentions toward way more current, authentic, life-affirming priorities, of course. Extra especially with Pluto-the planet of gutsy transformation involved, to help us to slay limiting patterns and rise up singing to awesome new possibilities in our lives.

So yeah, this aint the astro for dragging out any complacent status quo that is on it's last legs & frankly boring us to tears anyway. But it is brilliant for digging deep and coming up with the courage to claim a whole new, dynamic way of living in the world. 2019 is all about fast paced growth and picking up a whole new version of what we were working toward last year-or if necessary something entirely different, to move us forward pronto?

This is a powerful. brave, game changing Phoenix Moon folks -let's grab it with everything we've got! Happy Capricorn Eclipse x

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