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Mars blasting into your sex/intimacy/biz/shared resources sector from Jan 1st would normally clear out the cobwebs from any unresolved entanglements on your life; but to be honest Uranus shaking up this part of your chart for the last several years has already done that, right?

You are so crystal clear by now, about where you stand in your most important interpersonal and shared financial dynamics –more than ever you know who you are, what you want and who you choose to share your precious energy/love/time/plans/cash etc with. It feels good to feel this authentic!

So even if Uranus still has a few tricks up his sleeve/unexpected developments in the next few months –you’re not going to be shaken by random weirdness from anyone. Your game is so strong you’re ready for anything with a fab, open-minded confidence in the process…

Excellent, the better to seize the raw power of Mars to chase your healthy desires this month. Maybe you are that much more hot blooded with your lover, to feel more passionately connected than ever? Or if single, someone hot turning up to turn you on? Or maybe you pursue negotiations re some biz venture/financial opportunity with single-minded determination? Or if any tetchy conflict or whatever flares up with someone tricky? You hold your ground with steady self-assurance, of course.

Ok, glad we got that out of the way. Because meanwhile your best look is embracing the fabulous New Moon partial Eclipse of Jan 6th. It’s all about playful, exuberant self-expression for a good time! Maybe you work your talent/creative process to get better at what you do, and show it off in the world? Maybe you’re having fun just for the sake of it, and living it up a little just because it feels good to be alive? Maybe you’re bonding with your children/family by making quality time together? Maybe you have some delightful romance blossoming, and enjoying the butterflies of potential love action? Honey you deserve this one…enjoy!

Because by the Full Moon total Eclipse of the 21st in your soul sector, you might want to squirrel yourself away for some powerfully regenerative, private down time. Yes, it’s a beautiful thing to fill your cup with some inner reflection after such an extrovert month…nice one.

Image: Paolo Roversi

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