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Mars into your work sector from Jan 1st is pretty auspicious for firing up the Scorpio work ethic in 2019-especially with Venus lushing up abundant vibes your earning sector from the 7th. As in there’s nothing like the prospect of making good coin to really motivate the fierce, Scorpio determination to get ahead, right?

I mean no offense, but you are a highly attuned, financially savvy individual. You appreciate what a decent income can do for your personal empowerment in the world, you’re damn good at pulling it in and you don’t tend to fritter away your hard-earned cash lightly: you’d rather squirrel it away into some secret fund to be spent on something important…eventually.

Ha, but it’s not so much your miser tendencies (lol), as your brilliant ability to think lucrative that works a treat right now. It’s not so much get rich quick schemes as working your ass off on the day job/biz scenario, and so much more likely to rake in the big bucks for whatever you do well that has you on top of your game this month.

Yes, especially by the Full Moon total Eclipse of the 21st in your vision sector as Venus perfects a spectacularly positive, expansive, abundant tryst with lucky Jupiter. Like, if you were ever going to bust a move on some wildly promising life plan, with a keen eye to cultivating the independent income to live large on your own terms long term…this could be the golden opportunity to give it a go!

Meanwhile, Uranus loitering around the cusp of your relationship sector lately has felt a bit unsettling –as in you instinctively feel some game changing action coming up in your love life but you can’t quite put your finger on it quite yet? Yes, true. From March onwards, you have several years ahead of shaking up your most important connections big aint necessarily stable as such but it’s bound to be exciting…

Could be a chance to clarify the status of your current partnership-and maybe embrace an expansive new chapter of your connection, for mutual growth and re-ignite the chemistry? Or free yourself from some ambiguous/weird entanglement, the better to finally move on? And if single, all manner of electrifying, game changing attraction scenarios incoming to open you something potentially very promising -but also way outside your romantic comfort zone –get ready!

Image: Paolo Roversi

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