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O my goodness we have to talk about the brilliant astro coming up for the Pisces career this month –it’s so damn good!

Mars charges into your income/money sector Jan 1st, for a super positive, determined financial confidence that is so auspicious for a prosperous 2019. I mean Uranus has been shaking up your earning scenarios for a while now; so it’s not so much a secure income as such as the freedom of making coin on your own, innovative terms/managing a flexible income that you’ve learned to be savvy about. And this is where Mars brings the sheer determination and fierce work ethic to drive even more lucrative outcomes, from doing whatever really turns you on for a living… yep you’re nothing if not self-motivated right now…

And then the Full Moon Total Eclipse of the 21st in your work sector aligns with the most brilliant, wildly positive Venus/Jupiter action in your biz sector. I mean seriously, if you were ever going to tune into your genius instincts about how to leverage your current day job/biz scenario into massively promising opportunities in the world -If not now, when??? The stars are so aligned for you to be a sexy little success machine this month it’s ridiculous! Whatever success means to you right now, of course; whether it’s creative expression/flaunting your talent, show pony style/job satisfaction/service to others/autonomous income/making mega bucks…it’s all good and all so much more obtainable than ever. Excellent –well done you!

Meanwhile the New Moon partial Eclipse of the 6th is a nice clarity about connecting with your tribe –personally, socially, professionally whatever; to align with the like-minded folk who have your number -and keep you growing and evolving with maximum authenticity in the world.

And romance? Venus/Jupiter says if you’re going to love at all you might as well love large, with magnificent romantic generosity. There’s nothing like putting all your cards on the table & gambling big on your true feelings to make you feel truly alive huh? Because it’s so liberating to know that your relationship/crush is worth embracing wholeheartedly or if not, free to fully embrace new possibilities? And I tell you what, if you’re on the prowl your next attraction could so turn up on the job-maybe polish your professional look and flirt it up a little?

Image: Kurt Lawson for Vogue UK

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