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The New Moon partial Eclipse of the 6th sets cool, fresh new intentions for Jan; to focus on whatever career success is going to create your best work/life balance for the year ahead:

It’s got Jupiter for the fab confidence to do whatever you’re good at on your own terms. It’s got Saturn to back yourself with the necessary hard work. And it’s got smart, Mercurial smooth-talking to hustle whatever opportunities/outcomes you’ve got your eye on right now –so genius.

I mean Mars into your adventure sector from Jan 1st has you pretty restless, fired up and visionary about the broader Leo life plan –so you’re determined to only focus that powerful energy of yours toward the most expansive possibilities in your life. Maybe big travel plans to turn you on, or pursuing your personal freedom with a way more flexible career plan?

Also because you’re preparing for Uranus shaking up your vocational sector from March –for several years ahead of big, brazen, truly unexpected new career plans to open up your world big time! Ok, so the opportunities opening up here might be kinda weird and almost certainly require a fully innovative, open-minded approach on your part. I’m not pretending this is about predictable stability as such; but the rewards of shaking up the biz paradigm/intelligent risk taking could be amazing in the coming chapter of your life…

Then Venus into your play sector from the 7th is brilliant for any talented creative process (or even more shameless self promotion than usual, lol) you need to rustle up, for all this career ambition going on. And also to rev up your love life- I mean Venus in your romance sector is perfect for the kind of luscious, shmoozy, voluptuous, extravagant flirty loving you so adore… how delightful is that?

Especially with Venus/Jupiter ramping up your delightful romantic wiles by the total Lunar Eclipse in your sign of the 21st–this is Leo heaven! Your personal confidence is magnificent as you strut your stuff just for the thrill of being you; everyone adores you and the Venus/Mars trine calls in the most delicious love action-if you have someone special (or enticing new prospect) you want to impress?

Image: Amanda Merten

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