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Mars into your networking sector from Jan 1st sets a fabulously outgoing, socially confident, social-butterfly vibe for the year –and of course you are the sign most likely to love this!

You are one of the signs most energised by constant social/verbal stimulation; you adore being out on the scene, chatting with like-minded folk, cultivating the gorgeous tribe around you and generally connecting with other humans. Yes and it’s all on from now till mid Feb, so go forth and mingle/get amongst it why don’t you?

Then we have the New Moon partial Eclipse of the 6th to yank your attention to far more personal, intimate relationship dynamics in your life. Could be a deeply meaningful/solid (or tricky!) love connection, where you are thrashing out the meaning of solid commitment-and whether or not that’s what you’re doing/how it’s going to play out? Yes your love life is doing a serious reality check, but with lucky Jupiter involved it’s only to help you grow toward optimum, emotionally fulfilling outcomes.

And with Venus in your work sector syncing Chiron/Neptune in your career sector, you are tuned into some weird-but very cool vocational inspo. You want to evolve professionally for maximum professional satisfaction –and you could have your eye on just the opportunity to do so. Yes, and your key skill here is finessing any financial/biz negotiations with such clever subtlety, charm and savvy earning instincts. Stay sharp huh?

Then the Full Moon total Eclipse of the 21st helpfully sparks up your innate, loquacious genius for any key dialogues going on right now. And it must be said this especially applies to romance…I mean flirt much??? Venus & lucky Jupiter in your love sector bring such gorgeous, positive attention from any partner/lover/potential new attraction on your radar; and you know just how to work the fab chemistry going on here. The main thing is the kind of effective communication you’re so famous for, just with a bit more emotional candour (ahem) than perhaps you might normally front up with? Thus do you foster the lovely mutual understanding required for your love life to blossom in late Jan…

Image: Violet Zub

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