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Sagittarius New Moon coming up tomoz, exact 5.20pm Dec 7th, AEDT.

New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective on where we want to direct our intentions for the coming month, and Sag energy adores the expansive, unlimited possibilities of a fresh start. And with Sagi ruler, lucky Jupiter newly in Sag to rev up our restless yearning to live large, we are so primed & ready for this...

Especially after the tensions of Mercury & Venus retro then a tetchy Venus/Uranus opposition lately; aaargh we're over it and just busting to loosen up, spread our wings and focus on the next big, positive adventure in our lives. Oh yes, this Moon could be just the thing to reclaim our wildling joy & thank fuq for that, huh?

So if you feel the stirrings of a more optimistic attitude, fab opportunity or promising new chapter in your life it's absolutely the right time to seize the day and go for it right now -go you!

But listen. This Moon also squares off the weird yearnings of Mars/Neptune conjunct in Pisces, which we want to watch REAL carefully:

This is one of those influences that can reveal our most sublime, rapturous, divine inspo to follow our bliss no matter what, transcend our own crap or tedious distractions, magically manifest our true desires in life and thrive with exquisite self awareness -truly amazing. But also can devolve at warp speed into skanky addiction/substance abuse, bizarre delusions, dishonesty and fully toxic/manipulative undercurrents in our relationships if we choose to indulge them-watch out.

OMG its SO crucially important to keep it high end right now!!!

Let's pull ourselves together, folks and tune into big, beautiful, brazenly magnificent & visionary plans for the coming month; and don't let the narky undertow bring us down. We've got wonderful, free, rewarding lives to live -let's get on with it already.

Happy Sag New Moon x

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