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December begins with Venus into your biz sector, to light up your professional and public charisma for the whole month! You are so turned on by your own potential to thrive in the world right now –as well you should be:

Venus brings your most self-assured attitude to the fore. You come to terms with your most fab talent; and rather than waste time wondering if you’re good enough at it you choose to drill down and nail the best version of what you do- because you can! And of course the more you back yourself on this, the more you can pull off the kind of effective self promotion/brilliant creative expression in the world that maximises successful outcomes. And dressing the part/upping the glam factor/polishing your brand and working your best persuasive, glittery charm is more effective than ever right now. It’s your time to shine, baby… might as well embrace it!

Especially the New Moon of the 7th in your social/networking sector syncing with Mars energising your income sector –it’s primo opportunity to hustle some coin based on your smooth negotiating skills and the old who-you-know factor; stay savvy about your most advantageous connections in the world, huh?

Because speaking of money, Mars on slippery Neptune here is alarm bells around impulse spending/throwing good $ after bad on some delusional scheme/stupid debt etc. Yes to following your intuition on some inspiring venture and exploring more visionary/unorthodox earning paradigms –but clear, pragmatic financial planning is imperative here. Fiscal discipline and crystal clear $ boundaries matter right now!

And by the Full Moon of the 23rd in your work sector, you get some cool intuition about the ideal gig, or professional scenario to support the optimum work/life balance, and live the lifestyle you want to live.

And the Aqua love life? Well first of all I’m willing to bet that if single, your best flirty opportunities are totally via your biz/professional life-another reason to look smart/polish the work wardrobe and get thy charm on in the world? And if already involved; maybe nutting out your biz strategies with your lover could be a cool bonding experience; to see just how beautifully you’re willing to support one another to thrive, and factor your lovely relationship in your respective life plans. Nice one!

Image: Jack Irving

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