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Well to the extent it’s all about Venus in your sign for months on end this year, to power up your gorgeous charisma in the world; you might have mixed feelings about Venus retro, retreating backwards into your soul sector for the whole of November?

On the one hand it could be frustrating to have to step back-just when you’re mid momentum with whatever love/beauty/biz self expression has been turning you on lately; and focus a bit on your inner life instead? But then again it could be a relief to take a temporary break from the imperative to incessantly flaunt your brilliance (as fun as it is and all); the better to take some regenerative down-time/healing process/checking in with your spiritual muse to fill your cup, huh?

The better to tune in and really feel the fresh sense of your personal potential with the Scorpio New Moon of the 8th-there’s such deep transformation and divine inspo here with the Pluto/Neptune influence, don’t you know? And then you feel the fluttering new growth when Venus turns direct from the 18th, which reveals itself so much more fully with Venus back into your sign from December 3rd onwards…

So like a butterfly preparing to break out of the chrysalis and spread your wings –you are SO close the most beautiful, renewed magnificence in your life, honest!

Some points to consider, re this:

Lucky Jupiter in Scorpio for the last year has been opening your visionary life-plans big time; and from the 9th picks up any New Moon schemes you’re hatching and prepares you for a whole year ahead to effectively monetise them! Yep you could soon be grabbing the tail of such lucrative prospects-don’t give up now!

The Venus/Mars trine of the 10th is a gorgeous, more flowing dialogue with your lover-it’s kind of soulmatey and kind of looking at domestic compatibility-nice one! And perfect to prepare you for the sexy Full Moon in your intimacy sector of the 25th, where you explore the passion with even more depth –or if single could be a fab seduction opportunity with someone hot and ready to be your romantic match? Yep, mating season is happening and it’s got your number, baby x

Image: Maria Francesca Pepe

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