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Ok so everybody is preoccupied by mating season-and we’ll get to that later, but first we need to talk about the Gemini career this month:

You’ve had lucky Jupiter in your work sector for the past year; and by now well aware how restless you are to ditch any compromising day-job shizz and/or bust a move on exploring your full professional potential in the world. Especially with Venus lighting up your confident, self-expression sector all Nov- ready to show off your brilliant talent much?

Venus retro for the first half of Nov is all about drilling down on the creative process, and overcoming any blocks that have been holding you back lately. Because the New Moon of the 8th in your work sector is all about pulling together a fresh, coherent strategy about whatever gig supports your best professional potential. The better to pick up the renewed creative confidence/shameless self-promotion of Venus direct in the second half of Nov; and then fully leverage that to manifest, seize and nail the professional opportunities of Venus in your work sector for December…

Especially with the Venus/Mars trine of Nov 10th to inspire your most productive dialogue with any collabs/fellow visionaries/partners in crime you’re scheming your next big life plan with. Extra especially with Mars in your biz sector from the 16th, for 6 weeks of fierce ambition and the work ethic to go with it -you unstoppable success machine you!

And yes the Venus/Mars action of mid month is also great for your love life, with a sweet, playful romantic vibe to charm and have fun with your current love interest-the better to fascinate one another anew? Or if single it’s a fab time to flirt it up, and attract some promising new cutie into your orbit with that sparkly charisma you do so well. Ooh la la. Also because lucky Jupiter into your love sector from the 9th is SO awesome for believing in big love again; for a whole year ahead of exploring your most positive, expansive relationship potential with your best romantic generosity. Love opens up in your life the more you believe in it and give it your best shot… oh yes x

Or if rolling unencumbered single & loving it? Jupiter says sure, how fun is that!

Image: unable to find original source for this gorgeous photograph (best guess Elan studio?)

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