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Lucky Jupiter revving up your biz sector for the last year has had you restless as hell to expand your professional horizons and cooking up all kinds of promising schemes to that end, right? So Jupiter completing this cycle, right on the New Moon in your biz sector of the 8th is a great opportunity to action all this:

You reflect on which of your recent plans have turned out to be merely hare-brained schemes/and which ones are actually realistically do-able; and worth taking a brazen, brilliant risk on. And once you’ve figured that out, you get a lovely fresh perspective on the fine detail of realizing your professional agenda this month.

Also because with Venus retrograde in your vision sector for the first half of November you kind of hold your horses to pace any crazy adventures/big life plans-even though they’ve totally got your number; then the positive momentum picks up considerably as Venus moves forward from the 18th onwards. And by the time Venus hits your biz sector in December you’re going to be rocking such gorgeous talent, shmoozy charm and shameless self-promotion career wise and in the world generally –you will be such a success machine & no looking back…

Especially by the Full Moon of Nov 23rd in your self-expression sector you are incandescent with formidable talent, raw confidence, playful creative possibilities and having so much fun with life! Not to mention Mars in your income sector/the Destiny Point in your day job sector ready to manifest big coin for doing something you love, to the extent you’re willing to work for it. How could you not be ready to thrive already?

Meanwhile, the Venus/Mars trine of the 10th is a lovely new harmony for your love life. Maybe you are exploring new plans with your lover; to enjoy the wider horizons you can have a good time with as partners in crime, and have some fun together! Or of single; I’m here to tell you that your next lover is way to more likely to turn up, fabulously unexpected, when you’re busy exploring cool life possibilities just outside your comfort zone…

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