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We spoke last month about Venus in your soul sector for the rest of the year-and how you can potentially get off on communing with your inner muse & digging deep for personal growth/shamanic self awareness etc, rather than so much seeking external stimulation for a while. True. And whilst this would ordinarily mean an emphasis on solo time and withdrawal from relationships right now; Venus has some spooky love action up her sleeve that trumps all that-it’s mating season baby!

First of all the New Moon of the 9thsparks up your social confidence, to be out and about/networking/hanging with your tribe/renewing ties with certain special friendships. Which is lovely to feel connected and supported in the world, and maybe a bit of flirty frisson out on the scene?

And then we have a hot Venus/Mars square around the 11th, to rock your love life this month. It’s all about magnetic attraction, with a bristling frisson you can’t quite pin down but so exciting. Maybe someone intriguing because shared values -with just enough difference of opinion to thrash out, and keep one another fascinated with mutual respect and sexual tension?

And absolutely a sense of romantic kismet & mysterious soulmate recognition is likely to be going on. Maybe exploring the more meaningful, karmic-dare I say spiritual aspects of your current relationship (even if they’re goddamn challenging-soulmates often are) to bring you closer. Maybe spooky synchronicity, to meet someone strangely alluring under weirdly unexpected circumstances?

Then the Full Moon of the 25this such on-point clarity about your career direction. Tuning into your true vocational soul-path much? Yep, but then the more you realize what you’re meant to be doing with your life the more you have to walk your talk on that and shake things up accordingly. Maybe taking a bold chance on some new job/opportunity/location that you feel spookily drawn towards? Maybe break certain habits to allow a more effective attitude/health regime that supports your success-know what I mean? Because Saturn is finessing incredible earning/lifestyle opportunities but only with the requisite discipline to pull them off-and Uranus says the rewards could be truly game changing! No time to be stuck in a rut now honey, a whole new chapter is calling your name!

Image: Aline Weber

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