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The Libra New Moon of the 9this your annual personal renewal opportunity; to amplify all that gorgeous beauty, allure, charm and creative expression of yours for a delicious self-confidence this month. Especially with Pluto helping you to harness your intentions and get what you want with such composure and sexy charisma -it’s your time to shine!

Which luckily, is just in time for your lovely ruler Venus to hook up with her lover Mars from the 11th- and rev up your love life big time for the rest of the month…(and actually till January, on & off, but more on that later).

And look, I’m not gonna lie to you-the square aspect between Mars & Venus here aint so much the exact relational harmony that you normally prefer. It’s more the bristling sexual & romantic tension that challenges you to sort out any itchy dynamics within your relationship or attracts some new romantic scenario to rock your world-but almost certainly outside your comfort zone.

So yes, it’s hot for sure-but the most rewarding, passionate outcomes here happen when you are prepared to challenge the emotional status quo. There will be lots of personal growth between you and your lover, or how to navigate the dating scene, or dealing with any warring factions within yourself-if travelling solo right now and looking to harmonise your own personal equilibrium. Especially with Venus retro, you’re kind of trawling over old issues to drag them into a more functional version of future relationships –slightly tricky but so worth it, huh?

Then the Full Moon of the 25th is amazing! It’s got Venus in your income sector for fab new earning prospects-but also Uranus trolling her in the best way from your shared resources sector; saying you might have to take a risk on something collaborative or shake up some financial entanglement/debt scenario-even if out of sheer necessity-to shake the money tree and thrive. And same goes for your sexy seduction mojo-it’s wildly promising but not so much if you play it safe. You might have to show your hand/fess up to some scary feelings for the thrilling intimate potential of this one, huh?

Image: Magdalena Lutek

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