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The New Moon of the 9thfocuses your attention on the quality of your communication in the world:

Any dialogues in your life (personal/biz/social media whatever) benefit from your clear, articulate self-expression being on point, witty and sharply attuned to the other person’s point of view. Because with nurturing Ceres involved, you want to really engage with whomever you’re speaking with to actually connect;as opposed to just barking opinions at one another –know what I mean?

And of course it helps to have thought things through first. Because as much as we adore the sheer bravado of Leo blathering on about something they know fuq all about, with only that magnificent, raconteur charisma of yours to back you up (lol); now might be the time to have all the facts etc at your disposal for your next important conversation…

Because Pluto in your work sector says you are so primed to negotiate some potentially lucrative opportunities here; if you have an intelligent eye to the power dynamics/politics going on and work it with professional precision, right?

And Mars in your relationship sector says loved ones are coming at you with a full on, fired up attitude -ready or not. Could be someone riled up to pick a fight cos brewing tensions/drama etc or could be someone passionately into you and wants to know how you feel about that? Either way it’s a dynamic, exciting phase for your personal connections and best if you know where you stand, how you feel and what you want to do about it, huh? Effective relating matters right now.

Especially because with Mars in your love sector in a sexy square with Venus in your home sector, it’s totally Leo mating season this month! Cosy, domestic bonding with your lover is just so delicious-the better to work through your issues and re-boot the passion you always shared. Or if on the dating scene, funnily enough it could be someone you already know who turns up to grab your attention? And in any case your best date nights are on home turf to potentially snuggle up, really get each other and feel the love…

Then the Full Moon of the 25this excellent inspo to shake up the career situation. Maybe some wildly unexpected, weirdly cool opportunity comes out of the blue late month -and you’re curious enough to explore it?

Image: Baldomero Fernandez

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