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The New Moon of the 9th, with nourishing earth goddess Ceres on board begins the month with a clear, definite plan revealing itself about your home life-and being such a deeply domestic creature you love this!

Maybe you’re settling down, nesting and lushing up your current home environment because it’s where you want to stay? Especially with Venus in your creative sector you aresoonto any home décor/reno/design inspiration to make your house a delicious, comfortable sanctuary and home for your heart. Or maybe you have an eye on some promising new real-estate scenario as your future dream home? Or maybe you’re feeling restless/nomadic, and off to explore new/unknown locations with an open-ended vision about where you might end up long term? It’s all good, and a fab time to trust your instincts on whatever scenario works best for you…

Or perhaps it’s more about the emotional dynamics in your domestic life? With Mercury involved it’s honestly such a fab time to open up the dialogue; for clearer communication with your immediate family/extended tribe/live in lover/housemates or whoever your personal harmony depends upon. Because Ceres says you are more likely to choose nurturing and caring for one another than usual, so such a lovely opportunity to love up your closest loved ones and co-habs right?

Ok, and then the Full Moon of the 25thturns your attention to the brilliant talent and confident self-expression you are rocking this month. Especially with sparky Venus/Uranus creative inspo; whether you are playing with some cool creative process just for fun, or exploring the full potential of monetising whatever you’re good at for long-term income in your life; it’s such a buzz.

And love. With Venus also lushing up your romantic instincts and in a tight square to Mars in your intimacy sector by mid month, the sexual tension is intense! So certainly plenty of attraction chemistry going on to keep things exciting-which sure, could be fun if you’re on the prowl and looking for thrills. But with Saturn in significant aspect to this astro in your partnership sector, it’s got more to do with enduring commitment –or at least doing the work to vibe as functional as possible in your relationship than anything else. So fab if you’re settled/ in love and want to adore each other even more this month. And if you’re just firing up something new… it could potentially become more serious than you realize, with time?

Cartier, vintage alligator necklace.

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