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New Moon in Virgo, exact 4am September 10th AEST.

New Moons are always a fresh new emotional perspective, and Virgo always brings a clean, pragmatic approach to help us thrive. Virgo energy is so on-point about clear priorities; where we direct our attention with laser-like accuracy toward what really matters-sans scattering our energy on naff distractions- the better to make cool, relevant and genuinely promising stuff actually happen, on a materially practical level in our lives.

Which is saying something, with dreamy Neptune opposing this Moon. The temptation to lose ourselves in fantasy scenarios/delusional nonsense/ hare-brained schemes & especially loose, louche intoxicated substance abuse/self sabotage/crapping on about our sketchy plans over yet another bottle of wine or whatever is always a worry with hard Neptune aspects. And yeah lets not, obviously.

Because the preferable side of Neptune is tuning into our muse/creative inspiration/beautiful imagination/spiritual practice/visionary plans on such a high level. And the power of Virgo channelling Neptune inspo is the exquisitely subtle discrimination to sort the truly divine, promising dreams from the merely escapist fantasies; the better to scrub up the crucial clean intentions required for powerful, effective magical manifestation. And then the savvy discipline to follow through, with attention to detail and finesse the process for as long as it takes...

So when you're swanning around making magical, successful living look easy this month and nobody else knows how the fuq you pulled it off? You can smile with enigmatic composure, knowing that-no matter how much you've been struggling with your demons etc- you chose the high road and you're gonna thrive no matter what! Yes, that's the power of this Moon and well done you...

Especially with Pluto providing the grunt to claim our desires, and lucky Jupiter opening new doors just when we need them, it really is such an incredible time to believe in our higher purpose folks. Also this Moon ushers Venus into an epic 4 month tour of Scorpio-no wonder we know what we want and have the courage to live it-omg our true lust for life is only just beginning to reveal itself!

More on Scorpio Venus later. Meanwhile, happy Virgo New Moon everyone -lets embrace it huh? x

Image: unable to confirm original source for this exquisite picture is it Mary Herrara?

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