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Mars in your social sector for the first half of Sept is great for your sparkly, extrovert charisma on the social scene; mixing it up with your tribe for fun and maybe some effective networking to move forward? And might as well get amongst it whilst you can –because then Mars switches gears into your spiritual/shamanic soul sector from mid month onwards:

This is the mysterious 12th house, your home turf with which you have a special affinity, being such a spooky little mystic child and all. Some might find the inner focus of this astro a bit frustrating -but you get that it’s your source of cosmic inspiration! So you’re totally going to make the most of Mars energising your 12th until November; where you tune into your creative muse and those startling, piercing intuitive insights of yours –the better to stay switched on, follow your bliss and magically manifest your dreams for the next few months huh?

Meanwhile, the New Moon of the 10th in your love sector is your annual relationship refresher moon. With Mercury involved it’s all about clear dialogue, and also syncing with lucky Jupiter & Venus in your expansive 9th house; so you’re feeling pretty romantically adventurous right now.

Maybe you’re brewing fab, big new plans with your partner –to keep you aligned with a mutual sense of excitement about your open-ended future direction together? Or if single, maybe your next attraction springs from an intellectual rapport and meeting of minds that suddenly turns flirty, to ramp up the promising chemistry -and if so; maybe it’s happening whilst you’re travelling or with some cool nomadic/travelling type person, for a bit of exciting wanderlust? Because to be honest, you’re feeling the call to far horizons one way or the other this year-so single/loved up whatever it’s good for the soul to at least think about booking that ticket to somewhere exotic, right?

Then the Full Moon of the 26th has Mercury hustling any biz negotiations advantageously and the Destiny Point in your work sector; so your instincts about scoring the income you deserve from doing whatever you truly love to do are so bang on by the end of the month!

Image: Jerry Hall for Norman Parkinson

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