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So Mars spending forever in your love sector this year has your true desires fixed upon the mating/dating situation-yes, and we’ll get to that.

But meanwhile, Mars popping back into your work sector may have yanked your focus back to some stalled day job scenario that temporarily demands your attention. And even if this has been a tad frustrating recently, Mars powering forward in early September sorts you out with the confident work ethic you need to get your career plans well on track.

Especially with the New Moon of the 10th in your income sector in sync with lucrative Pluto, you could be looking at some earning scenario you’ve been working towards vibing totally prosperous from mid month –well done you! Extra especially if you keep any biz negotiations sharp; because if you nail the details you could totally be aiming to hustle good coin doing something that truly inspires you. But if you’re lax about financial boundaries or any kind of dodgy/scamming nonsense, slippery Neptune in your $ sector is a bitch to deal with. So worth keeping it high end right now, huh?

Ok and then Mars back into your love sector from Sept 10th-mid November, then in your sex/intimacy sector till January is Leo mating season for the rest of the year to turn you on! You’re a hot little love machine, even more than usual and everybody knows it don’t you know?

Maybe you have a passionate relationship going on, and this is chance to bond more deeply, with more raw emotional authenticity than ever? Especially with Venus into your home sector; it’s a cosy, shacked up, domestic bliss vibe you are enjoying right now with your main squeeze –how delicious.

Or if single, you are so much more likely to have some fiery attraction turn up in the next few months, with someone spunky who also has the moxy to chase up gorgeous you with big seduction intentions -because they’re so into you they just can’t keep away. How fun! But also, there might just be a strange twist of fate going on, where it’s entirely possible your next love action could be some ex or magical/mystical connection from your past…just maybe?

Image: Decker Kutic

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