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September begins with Mars newly direct in your sign, energising your confidence, determined work ethic and sexy charisma for the first half of the month beautifully.

Especially because your ruling planet, Saturn direct in your sign from the 6th helps to focus the sheer personal power you are packing (thank you Mars) with your most astute judgement and keen eye for the most promising opportunities about to present themselves. You are so ready to go for it and thrive, with that spunky/savvy/pragmatic lust for life you do so well. Feeling hot and ready to rock much?

Because I tell you what, the New Moon of the 10th is such a fab, fresh new approach to your broader life plan; sparking up lucrative/transformative Pluto in your sign and Mars into your earning sector until November! The trick here is to shed any naff, limiting sense of your own potential that is (frankly) starting to bore you & think big/visionary about your ambitions instead; the better to identify whatever sense of purpose feels meaningful for you and ruthlessly finesse the logistics so you can make some good coin doing it. Yes you can-this is your core competency right?

Then the Full Moon of the 26th in your domestic sector, syncing with the Destiny Point in your intimacy sector brings your attention home to the Cap personal life by late Sept; by really feeling into your closest connections with bang on emotional instincts. Maybe you’re ready to enjoy more harmonious dynamics with your family or co-habs, for a nicer domestic vibe? Maybe you’re shacked up/about to shack up with your partner & make some quality, cosy time at home to love each other up that much more? Or if you have a hot date coming up with someone special -best schedule it on home turf for lovely, getting to know one another/seduction potential?

Meanwhile, Venus into your social sector from Sept 10th until January makes the rest of the year so cool for your sparkling social confidence. Maybe you are doing social networking for savvy creative/biz progress? Or connecting with your tribe/special friends to feel inspired and supported in the world? And if single/dateless maybe you find your next promising, flirty romance action on the social scene you move in?

Image: Pat McGrath make-up

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