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Bitch Lilith just into Aquarius-where the ultimate rebel chick goddess gets her groove on in the most revolutionary sign for the next 18 months -strap in folks, it could be a wild ride!

Mythologically, the story goes that Lilith was the original wife of Adam, but the second he even thought about telling her what to do she packed her swag and charged off into the wilderness, to do her own thing fully free of so-called patriarchal control-she just won't be told! (and left Eve to do the wifey thing and vibe more obedient-and that went well, lol, but that's another story).

So Lilith is a bit of an anarchist and she's so at home in Aqua, the original home of outsiders, free thinkers and anarchists... Yep this could be our cue to think outside the square, innovate the hell out of our life plans on our own sweet terms and walk our talk with unapologetic individuality. Are we up for the fabulous challenge of this or what?

And also the rebel feminine principle of Lilith meets the rebel male principle of Mars in the next few days -ha, what could possibly go wrong? It's fab for smashing whatever dominant paradigm has been limiting our relationships, for a freer version of mutually respecting one another's individuality -yay. And also beautifully auspicious for hooking up with people who are our genuine equals-and so turned on by one another's challenging, sparky spunk, which is pretty hot actually.

But of course this requires all kinds of emotional growth to get over our own controlling shiz or whatever. Because especially with Mars retro, the temptation to become frustrated with our lovers when they don't tow the line, and try to force the issue of our own desires/do pointless conflict etc is oh so tempting -but omg SO not going to work right now!

Our connections are ripe for a more open-minded, romantically liberated attitude to love, if we're ready to embrace it huh?

Happy Lilith in Aqua x

Image: unable to find the original source of this fab picture.

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