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August is defined by two powerful lunations and a grand earth trine as follows- but first we need to talk about Jupiter in Scorpio:

Because to the extent there are lots of planets retrograde this month which might be slowing down certain areas of life; with lucky Jupiter in your sign moving forward you are SO full of positive, confident determination to thrive that you just know you can slay any obstacles no matter what-yes you can!

Because the partial Solar Eclipse of the 11th is about excellent, fresh new professional/work schemes to turn you on. I mean with clever Mercury retrograde involved you are ideally taking the time to finesse the details and hustling any tricky biz negotiations with your best smooth talking to make stuff happen. Yes yes I know you can usually just rely on your hypnotic gaze to lull your target audience into submission, lol –but this time you need actual words, and they better be good!

So whilst there are subtle dynamics around communication skills you need to consider and play with suave intelligence; it’s also down to Jupiter in sharp aspect to this Moon where your brazen, (fake it till you make it, even?) healthy self-assurance makes all the difference to realizing certain goals or vocational breakthroughs mid month…

Which leads to the Full Moon of the 26th; where Mercury direct/Saturn harness your savvy communication instincts, the better to unleash the Moon in your talent sector with gloriously on-point creative self-expression in the world. You are showing off just for the sheer joy of being you and doing what you’re good at, the world is listening and with a grand earth trine keeping it real, you get to use all this to manifest whatever plans you’ve been brewing toward more tangible outcomes–perfect!

And Uranus retro in your love sector. Its kind of electrifying chemistry, magnetising all kinds of unexpected encounters to rock your world –which could totally be a thrill. But also triggering any underlying restlessness, romantic tension or frisson in certain connections-and aint much point trying to keep a lid on whatever is coming up right now! Better to ride the momentum- truth bombs & all- and remain supremely, passionately authentic (you love this) & open minded about the outcomes huh?

Image: Super Fiat Arbath ad

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