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Finally, your lucky ruling planet Jupiter moves forward from July 13th –what a relief!

Because the last 4 months of Jupiter retrograde has felt like interminable, infuriating delays on, like, everything and forcing you to slow down external progress, look within & cultivate the dreaded patience; frankly way more than your impetuous self cares for. Headfuq much?

But listen; do admit that you have been doing the work to cultivate a spiritual practice/personal equilibrium/deep healing of some kind-that you may not have bothered with if you hadn’t felt so stuck looking at your own shizz recently-and the intrinsic value of this regardless of perceived ‘outcomes’ so far? And also drilling way the hell down on finessing every single damn detail of some major scheme in your life-again more than you would have bothered to do if hadn’t felt so fuqing stuck lately; and that this forced perfectionism could also yield vastly better results in the long term? Yes, and now that Jupiter is on track you cruise forward with well-deserved momentum and truly ready to thrive-so excellent!

Ok, and something else to cheer you up is the Solar Eclipse of the 13th, harnessing the positive Jupiter vibes in your 8th house of sex, intimacy & incoming cash with lucrative Pluto in your income sector, Venus loving up your biz sector and Uranus electrifying your day-job sector. Yeah baby-finally some instant gratification to turn you on!

Maybe you score an opportunity to finesse the commercial viability of any biz/career schemes, and nail a plan to hustle proper, big coin for whatever you’ve been working so hard toward lately. Yes, if you stay sharp and keep it positive, payday could be upon you soon.

And maybe you also score a magical moment of deeper understanding, connection & passion with your lover. Yes, any truly significant entanglements in your life are ready to open up beautifully, if you keep your hungry heart romantically courageous mid month. Or if single, maybe some hot attraction/seduction incoming for a whole new love story? The Total Lunar Eclipse of the 28th, with sexy Mars is a great opportunity to work your best flirty wiles to this end-especially with someone special you’ve been sweet on for a while…

Image: Photographer- Mara Lazaridou. Stylist- Stefanos Malamas. Hair & Makeup- Natasa Keramida. Model- Maria Khlyvniuk.

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