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Well it’s Eclipse season, and for you it’s all about balancing the inner and outer aspects of your life as follows:

The partial Solar Eclipse of the 13th is in your play sector, where you get to really embrace your most exuberant self-expression. Whether it’s a creative process, to cultivate your core talent and the confidence/shameless self-promotion to get it out & unleash it upon the world. Or rocking your lovely charisma on the social scene, just for the sheer fun of being out and about with your tribe. Or, with expansive Jupiter moving forward in your vision sector & sparky Uranus in your ideas sector; some cool new travel plans, educational/upskilling schemes or just a more adventurous attitude to life that allows you to go explore new experiences in unknown territory.

Focusing on any of the above is so good for your soul mid month; and bound to present some kind of opportunity to shine your light by unconditionally, generously radiating your truest self into everything that you do-how gorgeous is that!

Meanwhile, Venus into your love sector from the 11th, then with earth goddess Ceres around the 16th is pretty luvvy duvvy nice. This is all about a truly nurturing, caring, grounded connection with all your loved ones. Yes, romance in particular benefits from this, where you nourish the love with any partner in your life with particular care to make one another feel extra-special & cherished. But really any of your significant interactions in the world feel so much safer, nourishing and supported around mid month -so lovely and validating all round huh?

…Then the Total Lunar Eclipse of the 28th picks up on Mars spending 6 months tucked away in your soul sector this year, and currently retrograde -so you’re really looking within to energise your magical mojo late month. You fill your cup with meditation, reflection, prayer, poetry, creative inspo, yoga, shamanic juju, and all kinds of healing, therapeutic inner work.

Which has obvious, immediate flow on benefits in terms of your physical health & wellbeing, mental clarity and the vitality to go thrive in terms of your daily routine, day job and positive lifestyle choices. It’s all about the integrated mind/body/soul connection, the better to move into August beautifully healthy, wealthy and wise.

Image: Mira Nedyalkova

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