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So it’s Eclipse season, and July 13th kicks things off by serving up a partial Solar Eclipse in your career sector. So mid month is super inspired to think about your place in the world as follows:

Your professional stars align with lucky Jupiter in your cash sector and magical Neptune in your day job sector. So the good news is you are fully tuning into your most inspired vocational calling mid month with brilliant professional instincts; and if you can remain focused on that with the requisite creative discipline you could be harnessing whatever you’re really, exceptionally good at to potentially earn big coin if you keep your commercial savvy sharp.

Especially given that Jupiter and Neptune can both be kind of loose & delusional at the best of times-exacerbated by both of them recently annoyingly retrograde, and you may have been feeling an exasperated sense of grasping at straws trying to get ahead; wandering off into hare brained schemes to force the issue or just fuq-it, full on self-sabotage? No No No, obviously!

Because with Jupiter moving forward in your income sector from the 13th you suddenly pull yourself together and seize success from the apparent jaws of defeat. Because why not? History is littered with successful people who have pushed through and thrived just when they were tempted to give up-and maybe you are about to join their illustrious ranks…

And then your reward is the total Lunar Eclipse of the 28th in your play sector! Where you get your hair down and have some fun with creative self-expression just for the buzz of it. And with the Destiny Point involved, if showing of your innate flair and talent in the world adds a shiny spin to your vocational success then sure, so much the better.

And with sexy Mars on board and sparky Uranus in your intimacy sector you could also be flirting up a particularly enticing storm, with all the right moves, if you’re out to charm a special someone right now? Or just shaking your tail feather and having a good time in the world because it feels so good to be you-yes!

Image: Brigitte Bardot Wallpapers en Oh my Dior.

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