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Well not only is it Eclipse season, but it begins with the New Moon partial Eclipse of the 13th in your sign, fuelled by lucky Jupiter direct in your creative/self expression sector and visionary Neptune in your adventure sector to add a truly expansive, inspired edge to the freshly energising vibe of mid July.

Your annual New Moon is always a reboot, and this one –all about how you’re going to spread your wings for the coming year-could be big:

Travel plans, a creative project to show off your talent, an academia/writing bender or simply permission to have fun with your self-expression for a while could all be turning you on with millions of promising opportunities right now –how fun!

Meanwhile, you have the learning curve that is Saturn’s extended stay in your relationship sector drumming away in the background. You are doing a personal growth master class in healthy boundaries, steady commitment, emotional integrity etc when it comes to all things interpersonal. And any annoying, control-freaky people in your life are your teachers re this just as much as the beautifully solid, supportive ones-it’s all going on, and intelligent, grown up relating matters one way or the other.

Which bring us to the Full Moon of the 28th in your sex/intimacy/shared resources sector. This one has fiery, passionate, impatient Mars retrograde via your south node of old, established relational dynamics with existing or ex partners/lovers. It may be kind of volatile but also such a great opportunity to rejig how you do love & sexy entanglements for sure- and also platonic/financial whatever interdependence in all your personal connections.

And plenty of time to figure it out, with Mars moving forward from late August and then staying on your case until mid November; so no doubt some kind of positive breakthrough & personal growth here is nigh, little lover.

Image: The Moon by Mala Lesbia

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