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Well there’s no getting around the sheer power & raw energy driving your forward momentum this year, what with Mars spending an extra long 6 months in your sign from May-November. You feel awesome, unstoppable and ready to accomplish absolutely anything –which is absolutely true of course:

Which makes Mars currently retrograde particularly galling –like finally driving some elite, sexy sports car with the goddamn brakes on! So do you sook out, expecting July to cramp your style with interminable frustrations?

No, obviously –it’s about pulling back just enough to focus your enthusiasm by scheming, dreaming and finessing the life plan (the Solar Eclipse of the 13th in your work sector with lucky Jupiter forward in your biz sector is BRILLIANT for this, btw); preparing to launch your full brilliance upon the world when Mars gets a move on from late August onwards. Nearly there little rockstar…

Because the Total Lunar Eclipse of July 28th is going to be such a ripper! It’s your annual Full Moon, always a chance to release and magnificently express all the emotional truth you feel so strongly but often overthink; by quitting the analysis already and just be your gorgeous, glorious, natural self in the world!

Also because it’s on the South Node, where you get to unpack the bag of tricks that is all those innate skills & core talent of yours that you’ve been cultivating forever; have some fun and play with the endless potential of who you are. This is such a beautiful thing-why not enjoy the process of getting to know yourself all over again huh?

Ad also because it involves the North Node/Destiny Point in your love sector, with Venus in your sex/intimacy sector for added impact. Yes, late July is a special kind of mating season for the brave Aqua lovers who value passionate romance, soul-mating synchronicity and a deeper level of emotional connection. Maybe you explore next-level understanding and commitment with your partner, or if single some wildly promising new contender may turn up -to awaken your hungry heart for a whole new adventure?

Image: via RUSH hair and beauty

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