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Between Uranus shaking up your shared resources/money sector for ages, and Jupiter retrograde in your income sector until late July… it might be pause to reflect how you are doing with the Libra financials right now?

You could be wildly inspired to generate some massively promising new wealth scenarios-with a combo of your own positive attitude and truly innovative collaborations with the right people in your life.

Especially with Mars energising your self-expression sector for a whole 6 months ahead –this could be prime tine to monetise your beautiful talent; by getting the world to notice with the shameless self-promotion your creative brilliance absolutely deserves. Oh yes, you could be taking an intelligent risk on some promising gig or enterprise (especially with Venus in your biz sector in the first half of June), which may well turn out quite lucrative, actually.

But on the other hand you could be tempted to dive blindly into some dodgy deal or financial scenario on a whim-or indulge in some stoopid spending you could have done without… so you want to watch that particular tendency like a hawk, right?

Meanwhile Uranus is also sparking up your sex/intimacy sector –the better to move out of your emotional comfort zone and connect via your best, liberating authenticity with whoever is turning you on right now. Especially with Mars also turning on your romance sector for ages – perhaps the courage to seduce your lover, or if single someone new on the scene, with a bit of next level passion for a more powerful, sexy, vulnerable & real connection long term… yes it’s quite possible right now.

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