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So with Uranus settling in for the long haul in your social/networking sector; perhaps you are beginning to sense a new dynamic within your tribe, how you might like to position yourself in the world, a new scene drawing you in or perhaps some new friendships/kindred spirits incoming to open your mind and rock your world?

And based on that you are looking forward to Jupiter moving forward in your self-expression sector from mid July, for a lovely fresh confidence to shine in your new/updated milieu –you could be about to social butterfly your way forward in the loveliest way!

Although meanwhile, it must be said the New Moon of the 14th is a much more internal focus –tuning into your inner muse for creative and emotional inspiration is the way to nourish your soul mid-month –and also clarify your intentions, and how to best communicate them with your people for the second half of June…

Because the Full Moon of the 28th is all about your most significant relationships –big time! With taskmaster Saturn in your partnership sector, chances are that either you or someone close to you is drilling down on the rules of engagement. More commitment? Clarifying personal boundaries? Making some defining, logistical life decisions together?

And with Mars in your sex/intimacy/money sector turning retrograde it’s prime time to re-consider any entanglements you have been tempted to charge impetuously into-and maybe the finesse how exactly this scenario is going to unfold over the next 6 months? And yes, this relevant for romantic connections but equally for any biz/financial/creative/family collaborations in your life-and they’re all so worth getting right in the coming months huh?

Image: Moon goddess by Osaki Kun

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