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Image: Gemma Ward, Vogue Paris


It’s all about the shiny, brilliant Leo career right now, there is a game changing vocational chapter brewing and it’s all kicking off this month:

It all starts with the powerfully energising Mars/Pluto conjunction in your day-job sector, gifting you the hard slog work ethic to make stuff happen to your own, possibly lucrative professional advantage. Which syncs with the New Moon in your biz sector of the 15th, where you focus upon a specific, coherent new plan to move forward with your broader vocational path. So you’re already onto it, and feeling like quite the unstoppable success-machine.

But then the real action happens with Uranus bursting onto the scene from the 16th to shake up your biz sector for seven whole years! Plenty of time coming up, to enthusiastically seize some kind of exciting, innovative new professional scenario. Perhaps you suddenly feel free to ditch a gig or boring old work paradigm that has been holding you back lately? And/or perhaps some wildly unexpected new opportunity turns up out of the blue-or even lots of exciting new options appear to choose from, or juggling a few gigs for a while? Or perhaps you get to innovate your existing job or career path, to create more space to grow and evolve what you already love doing?

Of course it all may feel a little jittery and fluxy before settling down into anything sustainable. And ok you may have to ride that for a while, but so worth it in the long to term to free you up big time to live, work and thrive with sparkling authenticity.

And the other big news is sexy Mars into your love sector from May 17th-Nov 16th. Just so you know Mars usually spends only 2 months in each sign as he travels, so 6 whole months of the most libidinous planet in your love sector is an awesome opportunity to get your most passionate, hot-blooded seduction/attraction mojo on –it’s Leo mating season for sure! If you’ve been loved up lately it only becomes hotter as you renew your attraction-yes even if that means moving through any feisty/challenging dynamics to get there. And if you’ve been lovelorn-omg you are SO much more likely to attract some smoking new chemistry with someone just as hungry for love as you are-yay.

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