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You’ve got to love Venus in your sign as the month begins, and lushing up your love, romance, beauty, style and talent mojo until the 20th. This puts you on a sure footing to strut into the month with glorious self-confidence and a kind of ‘anything is possible’ attitude-go you!

And the New Moon of the 15th is a great opportunity to tune into your self-assurance on the deepest possible level. It’s not actually the showing off/external approval & attention that really turns you on -as fun as it can be and yes it’s happening, so feel free to enjoy it for what it is:

It’s more an internal sense of being comfortable in your own skin; with the unconditional self-acceptance and self love that makes you glow from within. So next time someone compliments your beautiful radiance, you know it’s the real YOU they’re seeing clearly-how lovely is that?

And you better believe it, because Uranus into your soul-sector from the 16th is inspiring several years of intelligent self-enquiry and profoundly rewarding personal growth and spiritual awakening. It’s an inner journey well worth traversing, and like every journey it begins with the first step; however seemingly small the next ‘light bulb moment’ of self-awareness is, it could be lighting up your path for a long time to come.

Especially with Mars into your vision/adventure sector from mid month; a bit of motivation to bust out some cool travel plans or, especially with restless, lucky Jupiter in your work sector some expansive new life/professional direction coming right up…And the New Moon of the 30th should bring any specific vocational schemes into focus, to this end.

And love? It’s all down to you-Venus in your sign means the romantic ball is in your court, so to speak. You’re gorgeous, everyone knows it and your attraction mojo is running high, so all you have to do is make the effort to love up the object of your affection with full, loving intent and a bit of clarity about your intentions huh? The better to encourage/allow them to respond in kind, should they be ready to do so.

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