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Venus has just shimmied into Gemini, bringing a wonderfully light touch to our love, relating, beauty and creativity mojo. This is where we get to explore our playful side until May 20th, and delighting in the most lovely mutable, cerebral, multi-faceted aspects of our self expression, rather than taking things too literally or allowing any heavy shizz to bring us down.

Which is lucky, as the Pluto/Mars smackdown this week is temptation to get into all kinds of brooding intensity just for the sake of drama, and we want to watch that. Especially to the extent that Venus rules romantic love and Mars rules sexual desire; we ideally use this sparky Gemini energy to lighten the fuq up rather than exacerbate the seething Mars/Pluto passions already in play:

Because at best Gemini Venus is fascinating attraction to play with, plenty of emotional oxygen to keep the intimacy inspired, really articulate ourselves and communicate effectively with whoever is important to us right now. The better to shine the light on any issues coming up, and keep it moving with sparkly mutual clarity. Which (with Mars/Pluto in play) is a fab opportunity to harness the sheer, raw, potentially incredible chemistry we might be sharing with a certain someone, right?

Because the other side of Gemini Venus is an emotionally elusive, game playing, convoluted agenda that gets its kicks from drawn out verbal foreplay that may or may not be tangible and complex, headfuq scenarios. And wouldn't Mars/Pluto just love to spin some hyper-intense, power-trippy, control-freaky dynamics out of that, in our personal relationships? So no no no, let's not go there huh? Or if we do we better be damn good at playing the game!

Ok, and Venus also rules beauty and style, and in Gemini we are nothing if not effortlessly on trend. We are tuned into the current zeitgeist without even trying, because we're having fun with our look and honestly not trying too hard. We're to busy staying cool, light on our feet and dressed to keep moving in our hectic work schedule/glittering social lives. And we do love a bit of shimmer and sparkle to keep it fun...

Because Gemini loves to be chameleon like and play with the possibilities most suited to our current scenario, social scene/dating action/biz scenario etc more than just habitually sticking to our 'standard' look. So it's a great time to have a wardrobe cull and ditch any naff old tat at the back of the closet, the better to clear our fashion mind and start fresh huh? (Except the quality vintage or truly sentimental items of course-we're bound to miss them when Venus hits nostalgic Cancer from May 20th).

Image: Helmut Newton

And Venus rules creative expression, and in Gemini we just love words and intellectual stimulation, and we're also genius networkers and communicators generally. This is totally inspiring for the writers amongst us, and really anything to do with professional communication/IT/education/academia/information/journalism/social media etc is pretty cool to get onto right now.

Image: Todd Burris

Happy Venus in Gemini x

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