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So if you’ve been entertaining any limiting beliefs about yourself lately; what with Saturn up in your face with boring old judgemental self-talk or stalled dialogues with certain judgemental/control freaky people? Over it much?

Well you’re going to love Mars turning up in early April; to smash all that with a renewed, positive self-assurance about what’s really important to you. You grab the courage of your convictions and work any life decisions accordingly, with that bolshie self-determination you do so well! And same goes for any key discussions going on in your life right now -they are about to move forward with a nice, mutually empowering new clarity. But you have to walk your talk on this of course; decisions and agreements made right now have an air of gravitas about them and likely to stick!

And because the New Moon of the 16th in your work sector is a great time to consider some fully liberating new versions of the day job. Perhaps you can score more flexible hours, some kind of autonomous biz thing or suddenly charge into a whole new, more exciting gig? Great, but then again there’s a fine line between cool new opportunities and stoopid, hare brained schemes obviously; and luckily you’re a sharp enough little fox to know the difference right? Right??

Meanwhile Venus in your love sector attracts a better class of romantic attention for the whole month, which is lovely. Perhaps your partner is more doting, and you respond in kind for some glorious bonding? Or if single you have way more flirty, attraction action coming out of the woodwork and maybe someone extra special to play with?

But it’s really only preparing you for Uranus marching into your love sector from mid May; commencing several years of wildly unexpected, game changing new romantic developments to shake things up. Less of that brooding intensity of yours and more open minded, transparent interaction; the better to manifest a partner in crime to really, truly rock your world. Something to look forward to, huh?

Image: Natalya Karavay

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