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Venus is now strutting her stuff in Aries- for a brighter personal confidence from March 7th-April 1st.

And the thing about Aries is that fierce, uncompromising warrior spirit to go after whatever really matters to us with fiery lust for life, and not distracted by the trivial details -let alone breaking our stride to explain ourselves to the world. Thus do we seize the Venusian imperatives of love, beauty and art for the rest of the month:

So when it comes to love, we are clear and romantically courageous about our intentions; if we care we're not afraid to say so and follow up with passionate, definitive demonstrations of our affection (anything less is just playing games and we can't really be bothered right now, to be honest). Whether we are making the effort to affirm an existing connection or chasing up some exciting new attraction-we are only in it to the extent we mean it (whatever the outcome); not so much wafting around dropping hints and playing with ambivalent emotions huh?

Especially with Venus/Mercury around March 19th, clear communication becomes important and there could be some promising dialogues coming up to move us forward. And as much as we appreciate the respect of actually speaking authentically to one another, we also crave a bit of emotional oxygen and solo time right now -Aries is nothing if not independent! And the best way to strike the balance between rewarding connection and personal space is -you guessed it- effective communication with our lovers (and all loved ones, for that matter) if possible.

And Aries beauty and style? We're on the move and too busy/impatient for fussy fashion choices, but still manage to pull off our own, individual look with maximum dynamic flair.

Image: Jerry Hall

Image:Emma Sjöberg in the famous motorcycle corset by Thierry Mugler.

And red- we love us some red in Aries for a bolder statement!

And the current trend for bolder eyebrows is also perfectly on point in Aries.

And Venus is a warrioress in Aries -so combat gear is good!

Image: Samantha Scott / Sam i am photography

Image: Grace Jones

And diamonds are ruled by Aries -or ok the equivalent, depending on our budget.

Image: Anna Karin Karlsson sunglasses

And arty self expression? In Aries we keep it simple and say what we mean. It's a great month to pare back our creative process to the essentials; the better to keep it real and show off our core brilliance!

Happy Venus in Aries, let's live a little x

Images: unable to find original source for any images not attributed.

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