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If the Full Moon of the 2nd has you tuned into the group dynamic, and wondering where you’re at with certain friends or the social scene generally? I would first make the observation that you’re normally quite a self-contained, private creature; fiercely, blindly loyal to those who’ve earned bestie status and as for the rest you quite enjoy playing the enigma and couldn’t really give a fuq what the ‘masses’ think, to be honest.

So early March could confirm your instincts about who’s in/who’s out/who and what you really care about, the better to live with the easy emotionally congruence of someone who knows what they’re doing in the world –cool. Or you could have a little wobbly moment; uncharacteristically sensitive to the vagaries of public opinion or the shifting dynamics of an important friendship? And that’s fine, a bit of healthy re-evaluation can be character building, as long as you keep it constructive and clearly communicate your feelings with the relevant peeps, obviously.

Because the New Moon of the 18th in your self-expression sector enlists lucky Jupiter in your sign and Mars energising your comms sector –for so much more exuberant self belief and the motza to speak up/express yourself more fearlessly in the second half of March. Not to mention Venus in your day-job sector sparking up the Destiny Point in your biz sector mid month, to go promote your vocational genius with creative confidence and a little extra charm/flirty twinkle in your eye!

So fear not, you’ll be happily strutting your stuff with more clarity than ever before you know it.

And I tell you what; a bit of delightfully playful flirtation right now could set the scene for Venus into your pertnership sector in April-when some kind of lovely romance could well sweep you off your feet. And this will only be a taste of the game changing/next level relationship dynamic that is Uranus commencing several years in your partnership sector from May! Yes, big love action coming up to rock your world/liberate your expectations in ways you can’t yet imagine –are you ready for this or what?

Image: Hannah Lemholt Fine Art Photography

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