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Well you might want to use the brazen confidence of Mars in your sign to seize the fab vocational stars of early March. You are entertaining some wildly visionary schemes-what with magical Neptune involved, Saturn lends you the steady discipline to monetise this with way more visionary genius than your usual (admit it) flaky attitude toward money and the Full Moon of the 2nd in your biz sector provides the right kind of opportunities to bust a move on making something happen in the world:

It’s one of those ‘if not now, when?’ moments; are you going to trust those brilliant professional instincts you’ve spent the last few years painstakingly cultivating, and get a move on right now or what??

Because you’re probably already feeling the imminent arrival of maverick Uranus, upturning your work sector in a good way-for several years from May. Yes something big is brewing; and it’s all about ditching any limiting old beliefs/restrictive day-job scenarios and permission to rock a liberated new version of autonomous income/creating your own cool gig/doing something you actually enjoy/more flexible hours etc coming up. And increasingly, every decision you make is preparing you to embrace this fab new chapter of personal freedom and rewarding work/life balance yes? Yes!

Because meanwhile the New Moon of the 18th draws your attention to the state of the Sag home turf. Your intuition is spot on, in terms of healing any family/interpersonal domestic dynamics, beautifying your space and creating the loving, inspiring sanctuary you want to come home to after a busy day conquering the world…

And romantic love? Look it’s not so much about heavy ‘us’ talks/fixed expectations etc as flirting your head off/loving up your lover etc with genuinely delightful, open minded playfulness, what with Venus in your fun sector. To think: broadcast the kind of warm, generous, life-affirming passion you wish to receive into the world/your relationship and it’s so much more likely to come back to you in kind –yes it’s true!

Image: Alexandra Vaneti

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