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So the Full Moon of March 2nd is pretty great for some kick ass instincts about the dynamic between the most significant emotional/intimate and even financial entanglements in your life and your own, autonomous values and independent groove:

With the divine love/soulmatey energy of Neptune your interpersonal boundaries are more open than ever-the better to feel deeply, exquisitely connected to your loved ones with that beautiful emotional warmth and generosity of yours. Caring/inspiring union turns you on and you’re not scared to reach out and make it happen with unconditional vulnerability-which is so powerful for nurturing the relationships you really care about, and profoundly rewarding.

But you’re also nobody’s fool-if you need to assert some healthy boundaries to keep it real; you do so with elegant restraint and gently removing yourself from any dodgy obligations that are threatening to embroil you. Telling the difference between truly loving vs delusional/draining scenarios is kind of your superpower this month; and yes it’s down to really trusting your gut instincts and finessing the self-awareness around this, huh?

Especially by the New Moon of the 18th you will be clearer than ever and enjoying mutually authentic romance and reciprocal support in all your relationships –you’ve earned this one!

Meanwhile Mars in your day job sector from the 18th turns your attention to career for the second half of the month, and it’s all about the Leo work ethic! If you’ve got some clear ambition going on you summon up the fierce determination to bring it to realistic fruition or if you’ve been feeling blocked you nail a new strategy to give your best shot; and it all comes together by the time Mars meets pragmatic Saturn in early April. It’s about daily grind/hard yakka-it’s not handed on a plate- but a bit of positive ambition goes a long way for the next few months, seize it whilst you can huh?

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