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The month begins with a Full Moon in your intimacy sector, to bring any brewing interpersonal issues in your life to the boil for sure!

The old chestnuts of sex, money and power dynamics are more likely to trigger you emotionally in early March –and of course it’s all about how you handle the intensity:

Perhaps you have some deep love affair/sexual entanglement etc going on –and it’s bound to be karmic with the Destiny Point in your love sector, unleashing strong feelings on either side. Or it’s any feelings around spending some time alone, if single, that you’re working through? Or power trippy undercurrents around biz or even family coming up? In any case, all you have to do is hold the space to fully feel the experience -sans too much of that famous intellectual analysis of yours which, however brilliant, does sometimes get you in trouble by allowing you detach just when you could be doing the necessary emotional work; know what I mean?

A bit of emotional courage goes a long way here, and trusting the exact gut instincts to move you forward for the rest of the month is your reward.

And anyway I’m here to tell you that you are bound to pull yourself together, recover your internal locus of power and glide forward with renewed composure from the New Moon of the 18th so that’s something to look forward to…

Especially as this Moon is in your earning sector and activating lucky Jupiter in your biz sector. It’s a great time to look sharp about the kind of vocational plans that could really pay off with cold hard cash long term, and, more importantly the personal freedom that comes with a bit of financial independence. And with your ruling planet Uranus also involved the more maverick, expansive, innovative and inventive your thinking the more likely you will be to seize the great opportunities that Jupiter has in store for the rest of the year-and thrive!

Image: Narcisse Magazine "Those Without Shadows" desert fashion editorial.

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