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Venus into Pisces from February 11th-March 7th is some fab, heightened inspiration for our love, art, beauty and personal charisma for the coming month.

Permission to get channel more oceanic feelings and subtle instincts without analysing things too much-for an easier flow and help us navigate the intense headspace of the Aqua Eclipse mid month with natural emotional authenticity, creativity and magical intuition.

And to the extent Venus rules love; in Pisces we are all about high romance, rapturous attraction and rarified soulmate connection -we want to really feel it in our souls! But also lots of slippery room to move-it's not so much the heavy Us Talks or forced commitment that turns us on as the fluttery thrill of exquisite emotional intimacy.

Especially by the time Venus meets dreamy Neptune by Feb 22nd; We want nothing less than rarified, transcendent, heart-banging soul-mating love; which could of course cue the most exquisite romantic intimacy/destinal encounters/being swept up in true romance but ALSO primo astro for loony, delusional crushes/wildly impractical hook-ups/slippery romantic hopes that just don't stand up to reasonable scrutiny. Gosh it can be a fine line between beautific connection & emotional lunacy -it always is with Neptune- but mid month is a fascinating time to intuit which way the romantic wind is blowing in this regard... and maybe embrace the bliss of falling in love a little bit more?

And Venus rules beauty and style. In Pisces we are pretty instinctual, and tuned into the current zeitgeist without being slaves to any particular trend. Our personal styling comes from our own imagination/creativity as much as we subliminally pick up on cues from some cool film/photograph/cultural icon and creatively, savvily integrate into our own, unique look. The Pisces aesthetic tendency is a bit boho, a bit ephemeral, a bit glamour, a bit louche; and we dress very much depending on our shifting moods each day. Sparkly jewellery, shimmery anything, floaty fabrics as opposed to too much structure, hypnotic scents, barely-there make up or perhaps the full, glam made-up face. And skin care is marine collagen and of course non animal-tested, we are nothing if not ethical and compassionate in Pisces!

And Venus rules art and creativity, and in Pisces we are so able to connect with our muse! Dream journaling, mining our inner landscape and the power of pure, raw imagination in our creative process is powerful right now. Especially with visionary Neptune involved later in the month it's a great time for dreamers, poets and the most visionary artists to express themselves most freely... because I tell you what, with Neptune on board we either set our dreams free with a bit of creative expression (of any kind) or we drown them, so let's keep it high end, huh?

Happy Venus in Pisces x

Image 1: Permafrost Collaboration | Devin Willow | Kurt Lawson #photography/Styling by Mirabai Wagner. UK vogue

Image 2: Hare by night by Amanda Clark.

Image 3: unable to find original source for this image

Image 4: Dolly Lamour

Image 5: Vanessa Paradis photographed by Paolo Roversi

Image 6: Stevie Nicks

Image 7: Rene Russo by Helmut Newton

Image 8: Lily Donaldson

Image 9: Pauline Grossen

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