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Well how spectacular is the Leo Total Lunar Eclipse of Feb 1st, to get your month started on a powerfully real emotional footing? This Full Moon is a cracker:

It’s on top of the Destiny Point in your sign, with the siren song of your sense of life purpose/future direction/most alluring, visionary aspirations calling your name with a potent, instinctive clarity that you just can’t ignore. You feel such vitality when you trust your intuition, follow your heart and (yes) manifest any dreams that matter to you right now-you love this!

And it’s got Venus involved in your partnership sector- so it’s also a big emotional awakening about what you really desire from your love life right now. There is so much romantic intelligence coming up for you; and to the extent that this helps you (and any lover on the scene) to articulate your needs and feelings more clearly, the New Moon Eclipse of the 16th feels like a truly promising opportunity to walk your talk for a fab new lease of life in your most important connections…

Yes it’s Leo mating season and a great time to genuinely deepen your existing relationship or embrace the thrill of the chase with hot blooded passion, if single/on the prowl.

Ok and you also have Mars energising your creative process/fierce confidence about whatever core talent you’re ready to show off in the world; just as Saturn in your day-job sector supplies the tireless work ethic to damn well make career success happen-no matter what. It just feels like you are so inspired, capable and grounded in a solid commitment to your most important ambitions and sense of purpose right now; you really are unstoppable if you put your mind to it at this point. Go live large and seize the day already, why don’t you!

Image: Nadja Auermann Richard Avedon Pirelli calender.jpg

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