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Welcome to 2018 and how cool is it to have the heaviness of Saturn finally out of your ideas sector? I mean it’s been constructive and all, having the most pragmatic planet informing your mental process and for sure you have become quite the sharp, efficient problem solver and able to tackle things with a brilliantly efficient, sober rationality.

So that’s been handy. But to the extent it’s been a bit heavy or even depressing to be taking life so seriously lately; it’s a blessed relief to feel the mood lift and rock that bubbly, effusive joy de vivre of yours again. And Mercury on board this month renews those sparkly conversation/communication/social skills you’re so famous for –how fun!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 2nd is fresh inspiration regarding the Libra career. The more you know what really turns you on professionally the more you can take advantage of the New Moon of the 17th; where your thoughts turn to cultivating the ideal, inspiring home base from which to launch yourself into the world.

And speaking of ambition, you’ve gotta love Mars energising lucky Jupiter in your cash sector this month. You’ve got all manner of schemes about hustling the kind of coin you need to fund your –lets face it-considerable spending appetites. Yes, so whilst budgeting may not be your key skill right now (and you might want to watch that), monetising your various biz/earning/creative enterprises with brazen confidence most certainly is.

Because Venus into your creative/self expression sector from mid-month is brilliant for harnessing your innate talent and making it work for you in the world. And yes this is also gorgeous for flirty repartee and heightened romantic prospects with whoever is currently on your attraction radar. Keep it sparkly and delightful huh? Especially with maverick Uranus soon completing his last few months in your love sector -an open mind and adventurous spirit really us your best look in love right now.

Image: Paolo Roversi

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