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Image: Arsalan & Yahseer- model Abbas Jafri (swoon)

Mars, the god of vitality, self expression and capacity for aggression (healthy or otherwise) is sneaking into enigmatic Scorpio from December 10th-January 27th. Mars loves being in Scorpio, the ancient sign of his rulership (especially with a brilliant conjunction to lucky Jupiter in early January); so our personal motivation is about to be way more potent if we can plug into the core of who we are and what truly drives us right now.

It's a primal lust for life, unapologetic will to thrive & libidinous determination that's going to energise us for the next 5 weeks, to the extent that we're ready to seize it...

Image: Massai warriors jumping during dancing in Kenya - Arian Behzadi

But it's got to be stealthy -it's not so much the overt brute force of say, Aries (the other Mars ruled sign) as a quietly uncompromising, fierce determination to succeed on our own terms without necessarily broadcasting our intentions to the world in advance. We tune into a deep inner source of energy and motivation that comes from understanding what truly, deeply matters to us right now, the better to knuckle down with silent, dark horse efficiency to nail the ambitious life plan/fitness goals and generally conquering and/or satiating our most insistent desires- because we can.

So on that note, might as well cut to the chase and talk about the preoccupation that Mars and Scorpio both share-sex. Let's face it, we have appetites right now! Mars in Scorpio is ready to come to terms with his sexual proclivities and seductive prowess to that end and so do we; for healthier, better quality and more fulfilling relationships with our lovers -or whatever encounters we're looking at.

Or you know, not. Because Mars takes sex quite seriously in Scorpio, and if it's not happening yet is perfectly capable of self contained celibacy and waiting patiently for something really special before becoming entangled.

Because the thing about Scorpio is that despite their well-deserved erotic reputation (is true), it's not quite as much about sheer physical pleasure as we think (that's more Taurus energy); It's actually the edgy passion that comes with scary, vulnerable, genuine emotional/psychosexual intimacy that turns Scorpio on and leads to the deeper, more intense encounters we're looking for right now. Whether we are exploring next level devotion/rebooting the spark with our existing lover or on the prowl for some rocking new passion -it's all about the courage to turn up and really feel it, yes?

Image: David Bowie & Iman

So men/the male principle for all of us is about to get more fiercely, sexily self-assured and hot -ooh la la.

Image: Mr dreamboat Marlon Brando

And also capable of a deeper emotional sensitivity and kick-ass emotional self-awareness, which is lovely.

Image: photographer M R Hasan.

And Mars rules ambition. In Scorpio we scheme our success with cunning subtlety -we are too busy quietly banging away behind the scenes, perfecting our work to run around scattering our precious, focused energy on noisy self promotion. And then we come out of the woodwork like a dark horse, and knock em dead with our perfectly planned strategy/astute professional timing whenever we're good and ready to take the world by storm -(perhaps when Mars hits confident Sagittarius in late Jan?).

And Mars, god of war rules conflict. In Scorpio we handle any arguments and power trips in our lives with a shrewd eye to the energetic/political undercurrents going on and work that with subtle finesse, rather than being drawn into any clumsy, obvious aggro or bickering going on; it's like skilled martial arts vs the brute force of say, boxing. So the great thing about Mars in Scorp is a chance to resolve things more carefully; but we do want to watch any covert tendencies here toward toxic, passive aggressive, convoluted drama/backstabbing that comes with obsessive brooding-which could get ugly real fast- rather than somehow healthily addressing the issue at hand, know what mean?

Image: Five of Swords, Rider Waite Tarot.

And Mars rules fitness and exercise. So ok, I cant resist the cheap gag that maybe bedwork is our preferred workout regime, given the sexual preoccupation outlined above, lol. But beyond that it's a great chance to enlist some fierce discipline to push whatever physical practice we do (yoga, running, weight training, martial arts etc) beyond the usual comfort zone; but again not with brute force to exhaust ourselves but focused, efficient intention to perfect our technique and get more bang for our buck, energy wise.

Happy Mars in Scorpio, it's a chance at passionate, rewarding, intentional living for sure x

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