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OMG thank fuq for Saturn about to finally depart your income/money sector! It’s almost like the planet of limitation has been cramping your earning style bad over the last few years- poverty consciousness/investing in biz with no immediate gratification/working for the man and getting nowhere much? Well if that’s been the case it’s all about to officially change from Dec 20th -you’re about to get ahead again…

Because do admit that you’ve learned some valuable money management skills recently –even beyond that innate financial savvy of yours. And you’re ready to put that to good use as Venus brings a brilliant new attitude to bringing your natural talent (whatever that is) to the fore and promoting and monetising it, with a keen eye to creative manifestation and fab abundance consciousness all month!

Because you have lucky, expansive Jupiter in your sign for goodness sake, and with Mars also in Scorpio from the 10th you have no excuse to doubt yourself right now. You are reclaiming that sexy self-belief, lust for life and determination to thrive that you are so famous for. Mars loves you and you love Mars –and now that he’s in your hood again you can feel your moxy rising up like the force of nature that it is –oh yeah.

And yes this includes your seductive prowess back on –especially with the Full Moon of the 4th in your intimacy/sex sector. You tune into a deeper sense of what truly fulfils you physically and emotionally; with enough spunky charisma to attract the kind of connection you deserve from your existing lover to fill your cup or calling in a promising new contender if single/on the prowl. Yep you’re hot again and you know it-and so does somebody special –if opening up to a rocking love scenario is your thing right now?

Either way the New Moon of the 18th is validating your gorgeous self -you are enough no matter what just because you’re you, and never forget it, huh?

Image: photography by Hind al Nuaimi

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