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So Saturn in your biz sector these last few years may have been a bit of a drag; with some kind of tireless work ethic hauling your ass over the coals and testing your professional commitment to whatever it is that you do? And now you’re wiser and more grounded in your vocational stance-you’re so relieved that Saturn officially gets off your case by Dec 2oth, just in time to let your hair down and enjoy the festive season with a levity and ease you haven’t felt in years. Hallelujah!

Which makes Venus into your biz sector from the 4th so much more rewarding. Your professional groove is now running more on your own raw charisma and creative confidence, shmoozy charm and lovely professional relationships –it’s meant to be easy, fun and effortlessly lucrative this month.

Especially with the Destiny Point/nurturing Ceres in your work sector; you know what you’re good at/what turns you on professionally and give yourself permission to cultivate that for a good time and optimum long term success. By the New Moon of the 18th you have some clear intentions around this; the better to set yourself up for a thriving, and maybe even financially independent 2018…

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 4th in your home sector tunes you into some pertinent emotional insights about the Pisces home/family/personal life. Neptune in your sign all over this Moon is like a tuning fork, revealing your most subtle feelings about the domestic scenario and your closest relationships with exquisite clarity. Your live in lover (if you have one) and or tribe/familial dynamics are under a gentle yet relentless scrutiny; your instincts about what you need/how to bond more effectively or score any space you may be craving are so on point you can’t help but act accordingly with genuine emotional congruence. This is brilliant, actually, if you can trust the process with an open heart.

And if you’re single/on the prowl for romance? You’re more likely to flirt it up with someone at work/at some biz meeting/out and about strutting your stuff in the professional world!

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