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To the extent that you are the sign most about honouring your innate creative spark, raw talent and the brazen moxy to put yourself out there with fearless self-expression no matter what? Saturn in your talent sector these last few years has been an interesting exercise in the discipline of thinking long and hard about what you’re really, genuinely good at and the honest elbow grease required to polish your skills to maximum effectiveness. It’s been revealing, and maybe even confronting but now you’re ready to walk your talk re this…

Good. Because Saturn into your day-job sector form the 20th is about applying whatever core competencies you’ve got a handle on, with an increasingly fierce work ethic to nail whatever professional choices are coming up for you over the next few years.

So yay for sparkly Venus in your talent sector from Dec 2nd; you slay any self doubt you’ve been struggling with recently because you’re just feeling so inspired about your own brilliance! Permission to shine with magnificent, unapologetic self-confidence, whilst tirelessly banging away at getting better at whatever you do every day –especially from the New Moon of the 18th. You love this!

Also to the extent Saturn has been cramping your style lately in the love dept, you’re about to reclaim that naturally delightful, playful romantic charisma of yours. I mean nobody does flamboyant romantic gestures with as much sincerity and genuine warmth as you do, it’s why you’re such an in demand lover; and Venus is bringing your seductive prowess/rewarding intimacy way back…

So why not go love up that special someone/or back on the prowl with renewed confidence if single, huh? It’s time to enjoy the frisson of mating/dating/attraction again!

And if that aint your thing you’re too busy falling in love with life and the creative process of living large with renewed self expression to worry about it -so good.

Image: HD wallpaper- fondos de pantalla de leones

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