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Well it’s pretty good to be you right now. What with Jupiter newly in your sign you are full of expansive, visionary optimism and a whole year ahead to explore some bigger adventure/travel/taking an intelligent risk on whatever makes you feel most alive… You can feel this in your bones already and it’s such a turn on to claim your personal freedom at this point!

And then with Venus into Scorp from the 8th you are looking at peak Scorpio gorgeousness, charisma, romantic genius and creative confidence this month. You’re hawt and you know it and so, apparently, does everyone else –it’s your time to strut your stuff and shine...

And then the Venus/Jupiter hook up of the 14th amps it all up even more -mid month is pulsating with spunky, promising potential–so any brazen plans/romantic or creative initiatives you’ve been hoping to launch lately? If not now, when!?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 4th is a relationship reality check. Passions are riding high; the better to embrace a deeper, more authentic connection with your lover/more likely to attract & explore some new seduction potential if single. Because you’re not compromising –it’s either truly emotionally engaging (and if so could be so fab right now!) and allowing you to express your true self?

Or you’re quite happy to charge off and focus on the brilliant creative expression and coming to terms with your brilliant talent in the world that’s happening anyway- ready or not- this month. By the New Moon of the 18th you have a clear handle on where to rock your best, powerful intentions in the world and there aint no stopping you…

So by the 29th, when some massively rewarding, future oriented career opportunity pops up? You’re fully prepared to seize it for sure!

Image: Zhang Jingna photography

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