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So the New Moon of the 4th might have you vibing uncharacteristically introvert-and holing up with some spiritual practice/inner communion for a bit. And it’s pretty nice to take some solo, regenerative time early month, not least because it tunes you into a more inspiring, intuitive approach to your life direction (thank you visionary Neptune in your career sector); the better to prepare for the real action of November –which is lucky Jupiter in your work sector!

Yes this can provoke a kind of rebellious/fuq the day-job attitude, and slacking off in favour of lushing around with your favourite indulgence/lifestyle excess/days at the beach/cocktail bar/pondering your next travel escape… ok but this could be energy better spent, lol. Namely an expansive view of your broadest career potential; and the willingness to take a positive, courageous risk on turning something that really turns you on into a realistic vocational plan. And if you already do what you love, pushing the boundaries on exploring, and embracing next level success with it. The New Moon of the 18th clarifies some specific, cool strategies here…

And Venus on board from the 8th helps to beautifully affirm whatever core professional talent you are working with right now- you’ve got the goods and not afraid to put your skills out there/schmooze wherever necessary (you love this) for maximum shameless self promotion/look the part and generally strut around being brilliant at what you do. So good, and a whole year ahead of Jupiter helping you to reap the (possibly lucrative) rewards of this...

Meanwhile love is best enjoyed by considering how much Saturn in your partnership sector in the last few years has helped you to clarify the quality of romantic commitment in your life –an existing connection is that much more solid, or you’re ready for the next one with fantastically clear boundaries about what you want or you’re solid in the rewarding self-worth and personal integrity of single life right now. Or, if you’re just after a bit of delightful, flirty distraction for the moment? Hmmm –could be some cutie on the day-job or around the daily routine (gym/supermarket whatever) to turn you on?

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