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Look, if taskmaster Saturn in your work sector has been driving you mad these last few years –you need to know that the stressful lessons here are easing way the hell off by late December –you’re SO nearly there!

Perhaps you’ve been under a particularly heavy workload –and wondering if it’s even getting you anywhere? You are closer than ever to seeing the rewards of this for renewed commitment to the professional plan or recognising it’s done already, you’re over it and permission to cut loose and go do something more fun for a while? Either way it’s all about things getting easier by Christmas, but meanwhile do complete any deadlines/wrap up loose ends –for the sense of completion and peace of mind that’s in it.

Or maybe you’ve felt stuck, and unable to move forward with career due to various inexplicable blocks, financial hardships or lack of enthusiasm for a while now? Again late December is bound to lift the heavy energy and have you more inspired and light on your feet again -honest!

Because the lucky Jupiter/Venus meeting in your talent sector is brilliant for claiming, and having fun with whatever you are really truly good at this month, and permission to explore that for a good time. Your creative/self-expression confidence is peaking, not to mention opportunities for shameless self-promotion to really shine in the world, and it all feels easier than it has for a long time –bliss!

And also this Venus/Jupiter action is great for hugely confident, flirty/seductive developments in your love life. I mean if you’re in, or entering a relationship over the next few years it’s so for real and likely to require solid intentions either way; but for now delighting one another with fun date nights/giggly romance helps enormously. And if you’re just after some life-affirming fun and sparky chemistry to explore for a good time? Yep this works too right now, and you’re bound to enjoy it!

Image: via 1930's Vogue-unable to find photographer for this pic.

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